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Former juice ferments manufacturing arbutus does blank of home of red technology

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This year on January 8 morning, hall of province science and technology ferments to former juice of my county " model technology of " of development of technology of stability of red bayberry wine has identification of achievement of provincial science and technology. The expert appraisal committee that by short for Zhejiang Province big, short for Zhejiang Province is versed in 7 professors and researcher comprise epidemic prevention station of courtyard of division of big, province farming, province thinks, home of fill of this project achievement is blank, manufacturing technology reachs a nation banner level.
Red bayberry produces Zhejiang formerly, also be the fruit of special local product that I save. Red bayberry suits wide, it is easier to help advance somebody's career, raciness, welcome by a mountainous area fruit grower, rate of development of my county arbutus is rapidder in last few years, existing area more than mus 20 thousand, always produce after total put into production will achieve many tons 10 thousand. Dan Yangmei is not able to bear or endure lay aside carry, mature time is centered, the postpartum sale that gives Yang Mei brought difficulty, not as soon as possible takes step, not only the economic benefits that affects Yang Mei badly, possible even waste man power and money. To solve this problem, produce Yang Mei's advantage adequately, raise Yang Mei additional cost, stimulative agriculture synergism, the farmer is added close. Bureau of prefectural science and technology and limited company of brew of arbutus of division of lukewarm city emperor rely on science and technology, strengthen red bayberry deep processing technique to consider, the expert that invites department of engineering of Zhejiang university food becomes adviser, ferment to former juice Yang Mei does engineering technology of red wine stability to undertake associated tackling key problem. Fermented glutinous rice of red bayberry fruit is made, be in early 60 time already undertook, because clarify,spend eventually, the decisive technology such as colour and lustre, expiration period, gust is insoluble and failure. Accordingly, total juice of my county " ferments model task of " of development of technology of stability of red bayberry wine was included science and technology of city of 2000 year lukewarm state to develop a plan. Bureau of prefectural science and technology organized capable task group, formulate tackle key problem plan, concentrated force quantity solves tall acerbity environment choice of zymogenic individual plant, choice of red bayberry breed, take off nucleus, beating, take juice, sterilization to store up, efficient and clear, filter, wait for crucial technology difficulty except bacterium, jump out the frame of conventional treatment method, use former juice to ferment new technology, new technology scores a success, leader of hall of province science and technology gives height the opinion to this achievement.
Appraisal committee thinks, red bayberry Gan Gong is with Yang Mei Xian Guo is raw material, the new generation that ferment via former juice and gets does wine of the fruit of large Chinese hawthorn, colour and lustre is bright red, crystal and transparent, luster, acidity moderate, taste is relaxed, wine body is harmonious. Via Zhejiang province quality technology is supervised detect the academy detects, each index accords with Q/WDS02-2000 standard. This project is used a variety of advanced filter technical photograph is united in wedlock, undertake chaotic is handled be dividinged except bacterium, solved red bayberry wine effectively to clarify degree, the exterior index stability such as colour and lustre poor, expiration period is brief wait for quality problem, via Zhejiang institute of information of province science and technology checks new retrieval, did not see in home the document that uses former juice to ferment manufacturing arbutus does red wine is recorded, home of fill of this project achievement is blank, its produce craft to reach a nation banner level. Appraisal committee thinks this project technology is mature, have great promotion to use value, agree with this project consistently to pass appraisal, agree to throw batch production, the proposal popularizes project engineering technology quickly, stimulative Yang Mei develops industrialization integratedly.
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