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The market prospect of red bayberry and development space

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According to academy of sciences of Zhejiang province agriculture Liang Sen seedling introduces horticultural institute expert, value of red bayberry nutrition is high, it is natural green health food. According to determining: The quantity containing sugar of pulp of high grade arbutus is 12 % ~ 13 % , the quantity that contain acid is 0.5 % ~ 1.1 % , the protein that contains a lot ofqualitative element of cellulose, mine, vitamin and certain amount, adipose, pectic reach 8 kinds of beneficial to human body amino acid, content of the calcium in its fructification, phosphor, iron wants tower above other fruit 10 multiple. Red bayberry grows in what be far from big city a mountainous area, few or not by air pollution, help advance somebody's career administrative extensive, ill bug harm is less, the beauty that has “ green not to have ” of fruit of social effects of pollution praise.
Red bayberry use is extensive, market potential is tremendous. Appearance of red bayberry tree is beautiful, xie Senong is green, give birth to the red bayberry crown of a tree with hale left and right sides 15 years, oneself be used as to view and admire sexual afforest seedling by gardens project. Green of winter of red bayberry branches and leaves, not deciduous leaf, oneself be used as to distribute a page by winter of the little shop that cut a flower (cut a part of a historical period) , still export Japan. The new minor details of red bayberry burns not easily, can cultivate as belt of silvan fire prevention, prevent on silvan fire. The leaf of red bayberry, root and limb skin contain a lot ofChan Ning (content is as high as 10 % ~ 19 % ) , can refine yellow ketone and essence oily material, use as auburn the astringent that reachs medical treatment to go up. Vitamin B17 is contained in the nucleolus of red bayberry, this is a kind of material that fight cancer, still contain thick protein 32 % , crude fat 21 % , food of oil of the high protein that be called, expensive plant, can be fed for frying or extract sleeve. In addition, red bayberry has disappear to feed, drive heat of cold, disappear, stop have diarrhoea, diuresis, treat dysenteric and promote the secretion of saliva or body fluid on thirsty, clear intestines and stomach, except irritated anger a variety of officinal value such as evil spirit, the cure academia of our country has higher opinion to this.
Our country western area, view is broad before red bayberry is produced. Our country Guizhou, Yunnan, Sichuan, Guangxi, Hunan western a mountainous area on century 80 time introduce red bayberry plant experimentally to succeed in great quantities from Zhejiang. Especially Yunnan and Guizhou, slant as a result of spring rainfall little, and the natural condition with summertime more rainfall, more get used to Yang Mei grow and result, expression changes in autumn in advance, character actor. If altitude of area of Guizhou Province Guiyang all has Yang Mei 3000 meters to distributing below, most Chang Shuling is amounted to 600 old, highest individual plant produces about 2000 kilograms. Of Yunnan enrich the people county and stone screen county, introduce 100 thousand mus of cultivated Yang Mei recently, make place's new economy point of growth. Because this area arbutus begins result period in advance, quality is better, store up period lengthen, manufacturing cost is reduced, economic benefits is taller. Area of 3.2 million mus of arbutus of countrywide, 90 % are in coastal province, in be less than 10 % to be in, western, accordingly, development arbutus is produced western, perspective is very wide.
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