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Thoroughbred area changes red bayberry development and research of technology of

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Red bayberry is fruit of our country special local product, zhejiang arbutus breed is the whole nation most. This project dials slope of height, country through the sea to, the investigation and study of the zoology factor such as temperature and humidity, rainfall, soil and relation of Yang Mei character, crop, analysis determines, establish sea dials height 200 - inside 400 meters of limits, 7 - 9 dry spend < 1.8, 5 - average in June air temperature 20 - 22 ℃ , wet June lukewarm than > 3.4 it is to obtain Yang Mei's thoroughbred high yield, high grade, efficient zoology condition, differentiate Zhejiang province from this for optimum, appropriate reach second appropriate 3 Yang Mei are thoroughbred development area; Wait for a method through using contemporary biology technology at the same time, grow to branch tip of Yang Mei birth trends of the rule, fructification, mine pledges alimentation characteristic, bud splits up the accrete bacterium of root of bacterium of physiology mechanism, arbutus is genetic on the academic research foundation such as feature of gene of enzymatic structure of character and nitrogen of solid of red bayberry root nodule, advance red bayberry big acupuncture point cultivated, fertilization, grow the new technology such as growth adjusting control, make Yang Mei only then fruit period by 7 - shorten 9 years for 3 - 4 years, index of mutation of old a lunar year in which the last month has 29 days from 33.98 fall for 12.04, in overcoming Yang Mei to produce, exist only then fruit is late, big the question of manufacturing technology bottleneck with off year obvious result, formed high grade and high yield of an early form, efficient Yang Mei new technology of form a complete set of thoroughbred area development; The promotion of the establish of thoroughbred development area and technology of form a complete set applies red bayberry, drive sea of more than Yao, Ci Xi, Ou and Huang Yan to wait for old Yang Mei yield a division not only the further progress of thoroughbred production, and the Yang Mei such as house of hill of green to breeding cropland, elephant, celestial being produced an area newly thoroughbredly to have positive effect and distinct effect. To the end of 2003, optimum help advance somebody's career with appropriate area arbutus area and output are total achieve complete province gross respectively 86.9% with 90.0% . Among them, thoroughbred area and crop occupy Dong Kuiyang plum to be saved completely respectively 61.8% and 59.2% the left and right sides. At present my province is formed basically already chief arbutus is given priority to to the south of breed, water chest nut is planted for deputy, the thoroughbred zoology area of the form a complete set of other and thoroughbred photograph such as fourth Ao plum, late rice poplar is changed help advance somebody's career pattern.

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