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Build a country to manage agriculture with travel concept with landscape concept

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As Ning Bo famous travel goes vacationing area, how does Qian Hu undertake the new rural area of characteristic is built there is his east? The whole area new rural area that held on May 31 built the spot to be able to discuss this one issue. The conference by committee member of borough Party committee, canal appoint Chen Fuliang of conference vice director is chaired, secretary of borough Party committee, canal appoint conference chairman Zhu Zhizhen makes important speech, canal appoint meeting leading group member, each bureau (do) secretary of Party branch of cadre of above of each office vice director, each village and mainstay business represent main controller and town government, chief of concerned station place plays.

Tall Qian Cun dare be a person first

Government of Party committee of money lake town introduced east " fast buck, ——— of zoology landscape village east the city in construction of money lake new rural area turns model " typical experience. In recent years, tall Qian Cun is captured east the historical good luck that Qian Hu develops construction, develop development innovation, dare be a person first spirit, in new rural area village of construction, zoology is built and contend for on the road of rural reform development achieve trait, accumulate a dominant position, build harmony, guide the villager to become the “ that has times feature ” of person of new high fund. A few years short, tall Qian Cun presents an environmental nature to change, living environmental protection is changed, the new distinguishing feature that community of hardware modernization, government changes, obtained province, city to build environment of comparatively well-off demonstrative village, provincial zoology to teach the honorary title such as demonstrative base in the round.

For this, borough Party committee is made " learn to tall Qian Cun about beginning, the decision that accelerates construction of socialistic new rural area further " , the appeal learns to tall Qian Cun, seize moment, achieve plan of high starting point; Aggrandizement core, strengthen the construction of the party; Note characteristic, optimize industrial structure; Highlight harmony, improve village wind folkway, accelerate my area further construction of socialistic new rural area.

Brand of health of start shooting ecology

As we have learned, money lake new rural area builds the development way henceforth east, outstanding emphasize building the country, concept with travel to manage agriculture with the concept of landscape, to 2010, the key builds characteristic of a travel to press down (east Qian Hu is pressed down) , 3 countryside travel sets an example dot (before orchard of base of arbutus of lasher head village, green wild farmer, sightseeing lies fallow agricultural travel area) travel with 6 characteristic village (Tao Gong, Han; Give aid to, the grape of bay of the tongue of dragon of the East China Sea of the China turtle of the arbutus of head of the lasher before expanding, Mei Hu, Fu Quanshan, watermelon that enter the water, bronco, east lake delicacy of Qian Hu 6 do not have produce of social effects of pollution greatly, start shooting east the brand of money lake green, zoology, healthy food. According to requirement of this all body, should strengthen a leadership, establish a mechanism; Unified thought, build atmosphere; Pay attention to guide, making overall plans and take all factors into consideration; Advance construction of new rural area, be dedicated to promoting a country public service standard; Carry out groom project, breed bring up contemporary and new-style farmer; Foundation of tamp country basic level, be dedicated to promoting village class standard of low level management, build have travel to go vacationing the socialistic new rural area of area characteristic.
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