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Flourish of achievement of this one research ascends civilian look forward to of

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“ of dispatch of peaceful wave evening paper is searched according to SCI international, our research reports by international magazine of top class science was chosen! ” sea connects Sun Jincai of director of center of food group research and development agitato tells a reporter yesterday. Original, the Yang Mei that sea of my citizen look forward to connects food group and combination of Changjiang Delta university to consider machines report of achievement of science and technology to be collected at American JAFC (agriculture and food chemistry magazine) 2006 on first phase. This also indicates the research of a processing technique of our city arbutus already achieved international top class level, got international travels together of the most authoritative expert approbate.
As we have learned, JAFC is the world-famous learning periodical that by American chemistry association sponsors, its SCI (scientific quotation indexes) factor of influence (2.327) rank the first. JAFC or in application chemistry and food science and project study the respect always cites magazine of several ranks first.
“ arbutus autumn decays shortly, easily, for this we study whether fruit juice of red bayberry make it, but once become fruit juice,we discover Yang Mei, color can become Brown flat perhaps fade, bring about gust addle. ” Sun Jincai says, “ is our devoted and many this manpower material resources, through 4 kinds treatment method analyses the effect of much to Yang Mei phenol and content of glucoside of design and color, consider to reach best treatment method, this method can improve the colour and lustre of red bayberry juice well already, the natural gust that can better land saves Yang Mei. Name of this research report is ” " the influence that the juice of stability ——— arbutus that how improves colour and lustre of red bayberry juice machines much to Yang Mei phenol and content of glucoside of design and color " , basically elaborated the method that adds heat treatment again after using Yang Mei to extract juice to take juice, and the process that improves colour and lustre of red bayberry juice and how better land saves Yang Mei natural gust, solve red bayberry juice successfully to be inside the expiration period the problem of character. As we have learned, the reader of this report is the whole world is the most authoritative expert in congener research, include American Russia to strap ridge city to establish university and Florida city to establish the senior professor of the university such as the university.
According to introducing, this research achievement also is the Ning Bo that connects a company to assume by the sea city agriculture is great tackle key problem a substantial of research of processing technique of beverage of fruit juice of project “ arbutus and industrialization ” . Use this achievement, the sea connected a company to develop interest of copy of HDPE of 1000 milliliter, 500 milliliter successfully the happy product that pack and aluminous bag of 2 litres of plating hundred arbutus juice, the red bayberry clear juice with 250 milliliter bottled glass, condense the new product such as juice, year can use up raw material of red bayberry fresh fruit 3000 tons. Last year, the sea connects company arbutus pure juice, condense the product such as beverage of fruit juice of juice, arbutus to sell 20 million yuan in all, profit 2.25 million yuan, achieve collect 965 thousand dollar. This year, the treatment product that the sea tells a company entered international successfully famous food group 100 get the better of meal, sale hopeful achieves 50 million yuan.
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