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The hematic cell that red bayberry much phenol injures to nuclear radiation and

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The hematic cell that much phenol of purpose research arbutus injures to nuclear radiation and the protective action that hematopoiesis organizes, the prevention and cure that injures for nuke provides effective remedy. The method uses 60Co-γ ray to deliver cell of blood of materiality of small white rat and the animal model that medullary cell having a nucleus drops, result arbutus much phenol can improve count of corporeal blood cell, in Yang Mei much more phenolic group and pathology model contrast there is significance difference between the group (P<0.01) , can protect hemostatic function of blood. Detect via index of medullary cell having a nucleus and nuclear dissension, red bayberry is much more phenolic group comparing contrasts the group is active. Conclusion arbutus much phenol can protect the corporeal blood cell that small white rat causes by nuclear radiation to decrease.
Keyword: Red bayberry is much more phenolic, nuclear radiation, hematic cell (medicine learns origin << liberation army journal >> 2003 03 period)

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