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Zhejiang arbutus lasts the technology achieves a breakthrough

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Overview: Studied housing gets together candy makes it clear that in red bayberry wine action reachs his to basically manage to wine mediumly the influence that spends part, the result makes clear: 0The carapace of.06g/L gets together what candy can make Yang Mei does wine is clear degree raise 93.4 % from 61.2 % , the carapace of 0.07g/L gets together what candy can make Yang Mei rummy is clear degree raise 84 % from 67.5 % , the stability; that two kinds of wine can attain ideal is different its clarify degree of different; carapace to get together when the red bayberry wine of the quantity that contain sugar is stable candy is opposite the maize element in colour and lustre of red bayberry wine is adsorptive, housing gets together candy forms bigger garrulous quickly to coagulate content, the effect that changes composition and amino acid to the main reason of wine is lesser, and the 5 % ~ that makes dosage is bentonite only 10 % .

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