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Horizontal river presses down Ci Xi situation of red bayberry produce and sale w

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Horizontal river presses down the key arbutus that is kind brook city to produce a division, existing Yang Mei helps advance somebody's career area 26500 mu, area of  put into production 24500 mus, often produce per year a quantity 9500 tons or so, 2006 production value 90 million yuan, total production value of the agriculture that hold a garrison post 36 % , the important economy origin that is broad farmer (crop value of output holds whole town 45% the left and right sides) . The basis is right Yang Mei advocate produce village, key to cultivate large family and analysis of on-the-spot investigation state of affairs, red bayberry topological features is nicer this year, wear from Yang Mei fruit circumstance looks, red bayberry production has the following characteristics this year:

1, crop is stable. The good year that although be traditional sense,attends this year, it is actual and middleaged however. Result of red bayberry tree is overall smoother, although result of partial arbutus tree is less, but increase because of area of put into production, predict to pressed down red bayberry crop to be controlled for 10 thousand tons completely 2007, with keep balance basically 2006, the phenomenon of old a lunar year in which the last month has 29 days on traditional sense gets marked improvement.

2, quality is better. Because cultivate body to wear fruit is even, at the same time the consciousness of Mei Nong high price for good quality is strengthened, begin to pay attention to the application of the practical technology such as fertilization of flower thinning fruit thinning, clip, be like fructification expand period rainwater is smooth, criterion red bayberry character will have clear improvement than in former years.

3, price moderate. As a result of this year moderate of red bayberry crop, the price also incline to moderate, general and fancy fruit (the unit price of horizontal diameter ≥2.8cm) is 16-30 yuan / Kg, one class fruit (the unit price of horizontal diameter ≥2.5cm) is 8-10 yuan / Kg, 2 class fruit (the unit price of horizontal diameter ≥2.2cm) is 4-6 yuan / Kg, 0.8-1.4 of be born arbutus yuan / Kg.

4, autumn is general. According to the data that atmosphere bureau provides, air temperature was compared March this year all the year round on the high side, red bayberry fills florescence to compare shift to an ealier time of in former years 5 days or so, fruit time came on March 29 on April 3, centered on March 31, the sand of a pieplant with late on April 2 friend is right most arbutus result does not have an influence, part to little ministry the Yang Mei with beautiful late result is affected somewhat only. But as a result of April air temperature on the low side, red bayberry fructification grows slow, because this autumn is overall,maintain in all the year round level, estimation was on June 12 only then produce period, on June 17 - received busy season to collect on June 28, the first ten days of a month ended in July.
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