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Dispel heat is appetizing word arbutus

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“ overflows mountain peach apricot to contend for spring scenery, be defeated to nod acid with cold Mei Yi. ” this is the line that Song Daishi's person wears Yang Mei restoring ancient ways. Red bayberry is like plum because of bigcatkin willow of its fructification be similar in shape, flavour and say for Yang Mei, it is Changjiang Delta famous fruit, the around that carry midday appears on the market. Because it is lubricious flavour all is beautiful, people often has an insatiable desire for a dream to eat so that 10 fine pointing to fine use up “ red catch ” , this lip also is caught so that resembled besmearing rouge is general blackish red is lovely, especially it that is sweet in fully acerbity, honey contains in acid inside flavour, more inviting love.

Li Bai of Tang Chaoshi's person loves to eat the Yang Mei that dips in with saline be soiled, have Shi Yongzhi: 5 dishes of Yang Mei are “ gentleman is set, if Hua Jiao slips in vain,show salt. ” Su Dongpo also is fond of eat Yang Mei, the assist that compose a poem says: Hill of “ Luo Fu issues spring of the four seasons, order of Lu tangerine arbutus is new. ”

Red bayberry contains a lot ofdextrose, fructose and vitamin B, C and iron to pledge, contain measurable fruit acid again, cherry of nutrient value prep above, be about the same with the grape. Meal hind eats a few arbutus, can increase nutrition to be able to help aid digestion again already. " a book on Chinese medicine opening treasure " say Yang Mei is had expectorant, relieve a cough, stop vomit, disappear is fed, a variety of effect such as solution wine. Make the wine that give with Yang Mei, “ color is like rouge, flavour accumulate Mei Xiang, common says: ” of Mei Xiang Ding, very rare. Red bayberry makes can of confiture, conserve, syrup and Yang Mei possibly still work. Folk often boils Yang Mei doing boiling water, diarrhoea can be treated after drinking. Extract juice with Yang Mei, can abstract help sb to fulfill his wishes syrup of cool and refreshing drink. Nevertheless, outside red bayberry fructification densely covered particle, shelter evil people and practices easily, unripe the best bath that use salt is clean when feeding, eat come already wholesome, have a distinctive flavour. In addition, when buying Yang Mei, should pick fruit full, fruit face is dry, maturity moderate, smell is sweet the top grade with small nucleus. Too ripe or every is unripe, bead water and acidity is overweight all belong to inferior.

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