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Arbutus of boat hill late rice is short change a technology to consider to be ju

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The arbutus of late rice of “ boat hill that station of forestry of calm sea area assumes is short change a technology to study ” passed the expert that organizes by bureau of city science and technology to evaluate a few days ago. Experts think, the fruiter at the beginning of the late rice arbutus that this project studies to reach is short change a technology, crown of a tree of the fruiter at the beginning of can effective control, made maintenance is in 3.5-4m less than, improved tree composition, reduced result position, reduced Yang Mei picked insecure element, added significant result dimension, improved picked beneficial result 30% ; Late rice arbutus young tree is short change technology of early form high yield to make Mei Shuguan enlarges Xin Zhiyang quickly, fruit of the 4th the beginning of the year, help advance somebody's career than convention 2-4 of time of the fruit at the beginning of in advance year. Fill of achievement of this project research my province is in late rice arbutus is short the blank that changes early form technology to research a field.

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