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Red bayberry lasts of equipment introduce and MA store carry technology research

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Project name: Red bayberry lasts of equipment introduce and MA store carry technology research
Assume an unit: Like hill county Lin Te extends terminal

The project carries out a year to come, had obtained clear positive result, last for trying Yang Mei period 25 days of above are achieved in microtherm, good fruit rate is in 93 % above, from individual index the evaluation already reached domestic banner level.
Carry out through the project, reached following results:
1, temperature is the influence lasts the chief factor of the effect, on the high side, make respiration increases easily and reduce fresh fruit color, sweet, ingredient, shorten last period; On the low side, easy frigorific kill and produce physiology sex disease, with 1 ~ 3 advisable. Next, picked time and method and breed, relative humidity, oxidation content is crucial also.
2. Picked period: Maturity is insufficient, standard of color of red bayberry fructification, sweet, flavour, form is wrong; Too late, shorten store up period, master in 8 ~ commonly so 8.5 when becoming, pluck.
Method: Answer to pick put down gently gently, had better cut to head a branch, can reduce mechanical injury, and raise picked rate.
3. Breed: Be in ginseng in trying breed, breed of violet arbutus of this locality black because fleshy column circle of close together, tip is blunt, character is stronger, most be able to bear or endure keep in storage, plant for water chest nut next, do not be able to bear or endure store breed is Shui Mei.
4. Relative humidity: Because Yang Mei is fructification of ” of “ portfolio water, exorbitant relative humidity sends constituent bate and harmful microbial breed easily, too low relative humidity makes fructification dehydrates easily, wilting, blank.
5. Oxygen quantity: Red bayberry is more sensitive to carbon dioxide, need to keep certain the quantity that contain oxygen, fill aeriform component and scale of the quantity that contain oxygen to remain at further research.
Test case reachs technical index and actual application result
1. Test case:
① . Trial measure was 150kg on June 12, among them 100kg sends Hangzhou. After storing up 20 days, (goods shelves period is 2 days) , good fruit rate is 92 % , and maintain colour and lustre fresh, gust mouthfeel is better. 50kg stores up to last in arbutus of sunshine elephantine mountain factory, after storing up 25 days, good fruit rate is 93 % , 98 % respectively, average 95.5 % , to on July 17 the 33 climate after lay aside, corrupt still did not happen to change in bag, right now content of solubility solid form is 8.2 % .
② . Had a test the 2nd times on June 20, the amount is 50kg, contrast to also be 50kg, when draw materials Yu Yangmei is bought, difference of the examination after fructification stores up 10 days is not notable, but after 27 days, contrast cankered and serious, do not have edible value basically, sex of test specimen edible is taller, but commodity price period has 1 day only, the likelihood is air temperature tall cause.
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