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Red bayberry lasts 2 attentions

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Timely collect close. Red bayberry is collected close period be in commonly plum rains is seasonal, after fructification is mature easy decay, premature drop, should capture sunshine in time to be collected group by group so close, collect receive time to be mixed with the morning the dusk is advisable, the Chu Qing after wet or rain is unfavorable collect close. When collecting, want to collect put down gently gently, do not take the way of shakedown fructification as far as possible. To growing the fructification in coping of lofty crown of a tree, but film of a polyethylene shows preexistence tree lower berth a grass, generalist shakes the tree makes Yang Mei drops to go up at film or grass, but this kind of Yang Mei is unfavorable sell as far as to or store up. The container of full-dress arbutus fructification is beautiful with the tall circle, small mouth, bamboo basket that has a lid, mouth upper part is due handle, facilitate carry.

Store up method. 1, cold storage. Red bayberry uses via choosing fruit hind 1: The salicylic dip of 1000 2 minutes, be in thereafter 0 - 0.5 ℃ , relative humidity is 85% - below the condition of 90% , can store up 1 - 2 weeks, carry fruit special flavor, not degenerative. 2, polybag is packed store up. Use at treatment to make potted Yang Mei, via choosing hind, in loading the plastic film bag with 0.04 large millimeter, remove the air inside bag, nitrogen or carbon dioxide. Fall for the condition of 95% in 0 ℃ and relative humidity, can store up a week left and right sides. 3, microtherm stores up. Use at microtherm store arbutus to be collected before this close. Classics choosing fruit, after cleaning, preexistence - 25 - - 30 ℃ issue quick-freeze 15 minutes, in loading polybag next, store up at - in refrigeratory of 18 ℃ low temperature, can last 6 - 8 months, but to do not affect fruit quality, much in order to store up 1 - 2 months are advisable.

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