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The air of red bayberry air of long-distance transportation and sale lasts law

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The air air that suits long-distance transportation and sale lasts air air lasts, the fruit that is not all sort is applicable. We consider to discover, red bayberry is put in fresh fruit lay aside during, respiration intensity is very high, release a large number of ethylene, make fructification consenescence and decay. To this, through dropping temperature, change aeriform scale, reduce breath to use up, and gas of cleared and harmful composition, can wait anile period, achieve lengthen store up lasted purpose.

Develop on the foundation that lasts in microtherm and the operation technology that air air lasts comes. Its anthology fruit, beforehand car of cold, outfit, carry last with microtherm transportation and sale is similar, only when case is operated, treat fruit replete inside filmy bag arrive after mouth of box of expanded plastics of summary prep above, sow in coping surface gush last agent, need not fall on entire case commonly gush arrives. Right now, begin to take out the air inside polybag to make polybag assumes shrivelled position, infiltrate again nitrogen, bleed and encourage after repeating several times interactively, after making inert gase and oxygen reach proper proportion instantly sealed bag mouth. Heal demand is tight, make the gas inside bag and outside isolate completely, lest scale of the gas inside bag gets,exterior gas is affected and change. After this builds good case top, squeezing ramming again, seal the crack between good case top and box with paper sticking gum, use stick glue paper to secure good case top likewise, install a car to carry instantly.

The gas key that above department packet holds lasts, it lasts than average low temperature, last period lengthen about 2 times, if the operation is normative strict, last period can amount to 20 days. And average low temperature lasts last period have 7 days only. Air air lasts last than average low temperature can lengthen apparently last period and rise last quality, its reason is to increasing the nitrogen, requirement that reduces oxygen to fall, not only make respiration is weakened, candy divides a loss to decrease, still make fructification ethylene produces a quantity to decrease, deferred fructification consenescence period, restrained microbial multiply at the same time, can prevent mildew and rot, maintain good fresh fruit quality.

City of great majority of 6-7 month whole nation is high grade red bayberry be in short supply, zhejiang arbutus producing area adopts above measure, carry Yang Mei successfully to northeast, China north, northwest big in city, its method is simple and easy, cost is low, the effect is good, benefit is tall, accord with broad Yang Mei to produce the actual condition of the area, be sure to be produced by broad Yang Mei the area applies in great quantities in long-distance transportation and sale. Off-season to solving fruit is supplied, increase fruit grower income, will have main effect.

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