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The red bayberry low temperature that on the spot sells lasts technology

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The low temperature that suits sale of on the spot lasts the low temperature that sells in Zhejiang on the spot lasts, be applied extensively by manufacturer already, it is to use commonly big in the original large refrigeratory in the city, last time makes an appointment with 1-2 month. 1-2 of library of super-cooling of red bayberry classics after the month lasts, be like still supply the market with Xian Guo, feel character asks not quite, but regard treatment as raw material, use at machining syrup arbutus can for example, its product quality and the syrup arbutus can that machine with the firm fruit that collect delicacy are not had very difference.

Red bayberry uses large refrigeratory low temperature to last, should collect according to norms receive fruit, if encounter fruit face to have moisture content, want to undertake microtherm library store up again after ventilated place air.

Store up the size each district of container is not identical, spend with can putting 10-12.5 kilogram fructification to be commonly. Commonly used all around the plastic box with ventilated fluctuation (before using, want via cleaning antiseptic) , fruit can be put directly inside box, also can put polybag first, put fruit inside bag again. Range of air of contact of fact of former cause and effect is very wide, suffer microbial infection easily and become moldy, after asking every put a fruit, gush is sowed last agent, relative humidity maintains in 85%-90% advisable, regard syrup arbutus as potted raw material, last period 36 days. Via storing up the following Yang Mei makes syrup arbutus can except in order to outside, also can use conserve, wine and fruit juice to wait of course.

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