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The MAP air air of red bayberry lasts technical research

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Summary:  of low-lyingponding protruding of neck of  of cake of Juan fat Wei carries  of faint of ⒉ of  N the foot of mountain to cast  chooses AP of Q Juan phenolic 肕 to enrage the cold storage after tone packs processing, what can prevent Yang Mei is excessive dehydrate, slow down dissolubility originallies form content content and but the fall of titration acid content rate, in a few kinds of processing with 10%CO2 5% O2 85% N2air air packs the effect to be best, after red bayberry classics refrigerates 9 D, still have more high quality, good fruit rate amounts to 80% above, and can greatly the mildew of slow down fructification changes.
Keyword: Red bayberry; MAP; Pack; Goods shelves period; Content of solubility solid form; But titration is acerbity

Red bayberry (Mycira Rubra) belongs to red bayberry division constant green tree, individual plant of different of male and female, fructification is shown globose, its edible part is close-grained bursa state system, originate in our country formerly, basically producing a division is in the Yangtse River with south each province city is like the province such as Zhejiang, Fujian, Jiangsu, Jiangxi, among them blame with Zhejiang crop the biggest. Red bayberry pledges because of the flesh juicily, acid is sweet goluptious, color is delicious wait for a characteristic and welcome by consumer, at the same time " detailed outline of a book on Chinese medicine " say to “ promotes the secretion of saliva or body fluid, stop intestines and stomach of the five internal organs of thirsty, attune, cleanse, except irritated muddleheaded the effect of evil spirit ” . But the physiology characteristic because of red bayberry itself, if belong to the fruit with higher respiration intensity, add collect close to meet again high temperature is high wet Chu Xia is seasonal, normal temperature deposit is very accordingly difficult, and have “ one day to change flavour, morrow becomes angry, of 3 days of degenerative ” say. The after collecting store that this affected Yang Mei badly and carry, accordingly, study Yang Mei after collecting, last be opposite with carriage technology enhance land of red bayberry different delicacy is sold and economic benefits appears very important.
Current, of red bayberry basically last the method has cold storage way[1], film law (if housing gets together,candy film lasts[2]) , chemical antiseptic immerses law[3], film packs a way[4]Etc. Because its are convenient,air of air of MAP(Modified Atmosphere Packaging) is packed, without social effects of pollution, lengthen the shelf life, application in restraining enzymatic hurried brown to change to wait for a characteristic and last in fresh fruit vegetables very extensive[5, 6]. MAP air air is packed is to use a change to pack the aeriform composition all round food to reach compose scale and be prevented or slow down a few physiology biochemistry that go against food store react, the goods shelves that extends provision thereby period. To the fruit vegetables food that there still is respiration after collecting, it is to reduce oxygen to rise chroma of tall carbon dioxide to react in order to restrain the physiology of the respiration etc of fruit vegetables normally, the generation that is like ethylene
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