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Of red bayberry store up characteristic

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Red bayberry is nuclear fruit, can eating a part is the fleshy column with countless juicily softness (small protuberant) place composition. Because red bayberry autumn is plum rains much wetter season, premature drop of fructification pole easy decay, so, should capture sunshine in time to follow ripe along with collect, collect group by group in installment close. Collect receive time to be mixed with the morning the dusk is advisable. The Chu Qing after wet or rain, unfavorable collect close, nevertheless, if fructification is quite mature already, also should collect close. When collecting, want to be collected gently, put down gently, do not adopt the measure of shakedown fructification as far as possible.

If red bayberry does not add any processing, the time that the lay aside below room temperature puts is extremely short, alleged “ a day of flavour changes, 2 days of color change, 3 days of lubricious flavour all change. ” because this, control stores up aptly the condition is very important. The experiment of Shanghai fruit company makes clear, 1000ppm salicylic acid is used the following day after red bayberry is collected dip fruit 2 minutes, can carry the quality with better gains and special flavor, be helpful for lowering cankered rate. Occupy an experiment additionally, in 0 ~ 5 ℃ , relative humidity is the condition of 90 % of 85 % ~ to fall, red bayberry fructification can store up 1 ~ keeps 2 weeks not bad. In addition, use refrigerant preservation to be able to last left and right sides of half an year, but general it is advisable that with storing up 1 ~ supplied the market in Feburary. Outfit fruit container chooses basket of small bamboo basket, small bamboo as far as possible, and leaf of gasket broadleaf plant, lotus leaf, this can have amortize effect already, lest Yang Mei suffers extruding, insurable wet last.

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