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The chemistry of red bayberry is anticorrosive last method

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Choose food acerbity Potassium of anticorrosive additive Shan Li (Fujian Fujian investigate place is sweet factory of chrysanthemum sugar food produces) , benzoic acid natrium (Shanghai essence changes institute of science and technology to produce) , sucrose ester (limited company of fine chemical industry of energy of Fan Er of Yi of Sino-US and joint-stock Shanghai produces) , ester of Ni Bojin second (Jiangsu is saved too the first medicine of city has the storehouse auxiliary factory produces) .
The method has 5 kinds: ① dip acerbity Potassium of pear of 0.5 % hill; ② dip 0.5 % benzoic acid natrium; ③ dip ester of 2 % cane sugar; ④ dip ester of second of gold of 0.5 % Nibo; ⑤ gush 0.5 % benzoic acid natrium. Xian Guo in the morning 8 when picked, breed is fourth Ao plum, experiment afternoon 3 when begin, 5 when end. Every processing says to take 0.5 kilograms randomly (about 46) , have red bayberry park opening in plastic basket, steep 15-20 second; Or processing of cloth of fruit face gush, when gush as far as possible even, till drop water is,spend.
Test result makes clear: The difference between 24 hours of each processing after dip is not big, only fresh degree reduce greatly. Outside storing up 90 hours to except sucrose ester processing still a few can eat, other processing is major acerbity already be defeated. 4 kinds last agent, better with sucrose ester effect, it is ester of Ni Bojin second next. The effect of benzoic acid natrium and hill pear acerbity Potassium does not look. Sucrose ester can store up 64 hours only at most, with 40 hours safer, store up 40 hours, 1.5 kilograms of Yang Mei are mildewy only two, gust is basic and changeless; Store up 64 hours, gust produces change namely, acidity is aggravating, 1.5 kilograms of Yang Mei are mildewy increase 7.
Visible, gao Nong is spent (0.5 % ) benzoic acid natrium and fruit of dip of Shan Li acerbity Potassium, all can make red bayberry gust produces change, have extraordinary fragrance taste. Sucrose ester difficult dissolve at water, the operation is more troubled. The effect of ester of Ni Bojin second still needs farther test.

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