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Of red bayberry store up with last

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1, of Yang Mei store up characteristic arbutus is nuclear fruit, can eating a part is the fleshy column with countless juicily softness (small protuberant) place composition. Because red bayberry autumn is plum rains,much wetter seasonal fruit decays extremely easily premature drop, so, should capture sunshine in time to follow ripe collect, collect group by group in installment close. Collect receive time to be mixed with the morning the dusk is advisable. The Chu Qing after wet or rain, unfavorable collect close, nevertheless, if fructification is quite mature already, also should collect close. When collecting, want to be collected gently, put down gently, do not adopt the measure of shakedown fructification as far as possible. If red bayberry is inferior to any processing, the time that the lay aside below room temperature puts is extremely short, alleged “ a day of flavour changes, 2 days of color change, 3 days of lubricious flavour all change. ” because this, control stores up aptly the condition is very important. When the experiment of Shanghai fruit company is expressed, 1000ppm salicylic acid is used the following day after red bayberry is collected dip fruit 2 minutes, can carry the quality with better gains and special flavor, be helpful for lowering cankered rate. Occupy an experiment additionally, in 0—0.5 ℃ , relative humidity falls for the condition of 85%—90% , red bayberry fructification can store up 1—2 week keeps not bad. In addition, use refrigerant preservation to be able to last left and right sides of half an year, but general it is advisable that with storing up 1—2 month supplies the market. Outfit fruit container chooses basket of small bamboo a bamboo basket, small bamboo as far as possible, and leaf of gasket broadleaf plant, lotus leaf, this can have amortize effect already, lest Yang Mei suffers extruding, insurable wet last. 2, Yang Mei's low temperature stores up use at microtherm store arbutus to be collected before sufficient maturity close. After be being chosen via choosing fruit, Qing Dynasty, preexistence - 25—-30 ℃ issues quick-freeze 15 minutes, in loading polybag next, keep in storage at - in refrigeratory of 18 ℃ low temperature, can last 6—8 month, but with 1—2 the month is advisable. Because of lay aside Shi Yangmei appears on the market the amount is large, cost is low, season of high temperature of heat bend over is worth after storing up, market is very good. Anyhow, store up the trends of supply and marketing of long nearsightedness market of deadline is decided with economic benefits discretion. When a large number of shipping, the solid container when full-dress Yang Mei has the bamboo basket of the lid to be beautiful with tall circle, small mouth. The dimension of basket is controlled 35 centimeters for 46 centimeters tall, diameter, binding off is in in high 3/4, the mouth is in a diameter 22 centimeters, the mouth is in upper part to have handle, facilitate carry, take take. Wall of basket of the preexistence when using puts soft branches and leaves, wait like pteridophyte plant. Install next if really, every basket is controlled 10 kilograms.

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