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Red bayberry is carried last method

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Collect in time close. Raise value of red bayberry commodity to ask to be collected in time close, and carry last the effect and maturity also have bigger concern. Red bayberry appears on the market at maturing June commonly, feral Shan Yangmei appears on the market at maturing May, air temperature is right now higher, be worth plum rains season again, fructification decays extremely easily and fall off, the requirement is collected in time close, along with ripe along with collect. Water chest nut is planted, the smoked plum breed such as late rice arbutus, still have tart flavor when fructification rubescent, change arrives when amaranth or violet black, sweet acid is dainty, gust is optimal, close to collect right now comfortable period. The red plum strain such as Dong Kuiyang plum, scarlet or small violet can collect close. Red bayberry is picked with early morning or dusk advisable, air temperature is right now low, the loss is little. Rain or the Chu Qing after rain is unfavorable and picked, fructification is washy, allow easy decay.
Adopt debit law. Maturity of the fructification on tree of one individual plant is abhorrent, should collect group by group in installment close. Crown of a tree of the resect before collecting issues fireweed bush, prepare box of glove of herringbone ladder, emulsion, plastic have enough to meet need or bamboo basket to wait for a tool at the same time. Collect the right hand is used when fruit 3 point to handholding fructification, carry close fruit handle to be picked gently, put in bottom shop to have brake kind or in the plastic box of green grass or bamboo basket, every basket Cheng Guo does not exceed 20 kilograms. Careful put down gently, prohibit shakedown fructification.
Carry last. Generally speaking, carriage tool had better be cold storage car. Majority of rural place of production did not refrigerate a car, can use ice cube refrigeration to carry. Send fructification into refrigeratory first or small-sized beforehand refrigeratory beforehand cold, make thermal drop arrives 0—2 ℃ , finalize the design in what film puts to wrap up in the center of ministry of bubble one's store of valuables ice cube, place the filmy bag of fructification of wrap up arbutus on its again, will pass next beforehand cold Yang Mei is put inside bag, arrange cheek by jowl. Ice cube amount wants proper, carriage distance is far an ice cube should many somes, if ice cube amount is too little, fructification easy decay is degenerative: Carriage distance is short, criterion ice cube can be put less some, in order to reduce manufacturing cost. Fit the requirement of fruit to Xiaobao to satisfy the market, also can convert plastic or bubble is small the box that pack, every outfit fruit 500 grams, every box installs 10—20 box, the ice cube of filmy wrap up is installed inside. Case hind should notice to squeeze an air inside bag, the air inside box has been jumped over lesser. To box outfit Yang Mei carries a gush on the head to apply last after the agent, fold mouth of very filmy bag, build top of good bubble box, seal good bubble box with paper sticking gum finally. Box of the fruit when assembling a car should pile a code orderly, fixed, cannot make its mobile. After fruit box has been installed, wrap again with expanded plastics board or other and adiabatic insulation material, can start shipment.
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