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Blessing should construction of base of street arbutus high-quality goods goes w

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Recently, the author answers from blessing street know, this are street decision with " the province promotes Lin Fumin demonstrative village " tung bridge village and the village that be like 垟 establishs area of area of a core for core base of 1600 mus red bayberry high-quality goods.
As we have learned, base of red bayberry high-quality goods is built even if execute standardization to produce to existing red bayberry base, introduce promotion arbutus to help advance somebody's career new technology, new achievement, produce high-quality goods arbutus, high-grade Yang Mei, achieve high grade and efficient goal. Base is apart from a county to make an appointment with 5 kilometers, traffic is convenient. This are street and current face of red bayberry base accumulates 12 thousand mus, system of network of producing area market is more perfect, red bayberry industry already took shape, for high-quality goods base construction laid good foundation. Pass base construction, make the Yang Mei of core area mu produce achieve 1500 kilograms on average, mu production value 10 thousand yuan, total production value 16 million yuan, economic benefits rises significantly, use core area demonstrative effect, drive base of high-quality goods of circumjacent village arbutus to build, radiation popularizes base of red bayberry high-quality goods to build 10 thousand mus of above.
Current, blessing should street already invested area of core of bridge of 4 million yuan of tung that finish the hardware project construction such as the road of base of red bayberry high-quality goods, market, this project is making progress in ground of like a raging fire. (origin: Network of news of celestial being house)

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