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10 thousand cities build base of 3000 mus of arbutus

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Good year just passed, the great affection that peaceful wave city delivered speak or sing alternately to assist to division of 10 thousand states -- , seedling of 1000 mus of high grade arbutus. This is Ning Bo city is in what organize in the center of the group " afforest mother river -- , the Yangtse River " the project that implements in the activity, also be the project that speak or sing alternately of city of peaceful 2005 wave supports 10 thousand cities. As the arrival of seedling of these 1000 mus of arbutus, 10 thousand cities already formed dimensions of base of 3000 mus of arbutus.
Red bayberry, semi-tropical often green fruit tree, arboreal, grow cycle is controlled 90 years, it is one kind has taller economy value already can the fruiter of afforest zoology.
Before this, peaceful wave city is in division of 10 thousand states already speak or sing alternately boosted base of 2000 mus of Yang Mei, they are in respectively brook mouth countryside and swallow mountain area, will hang in the year after next if really. Now, 10 thousand cities formed dimensions of base of 3000 mus of arbutus, this to make library area arbutus the first brand laid solid foundation. After red bayberry put into production, library area farmer is in directly economically be benefited, base can think zoology of protective library area makes contribution. (origin: Favour use evening paper on Feburary 20, 2006)

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