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Foreign smooth Yang Mei cultivates Du Qiao of the city that overlook the lake

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“ ocean makes the same score ” Yang Mei to originate in Zhejiang to save churchyard of the city that overlook the lake, the Du Qiao with beautiful scene presses down foreign smooth village. Green water of here green hill, soil fecund, air is fresh, organic qualitative content is high, soda acid moderate, climate is friendly, sunshine is enough, day and night difference in temperature is big, it is one of optimal section that produce green not to have fruit of social effects of pollution. According to historical data account, foreign Ping Yangmei is apart from today already 1000 old traditions help advance somebody's career the history, recumbent advantaged superior environment condition, breed goes many mus 1500 not to have base of product of green of social effects of pollution.
“ ocean makes the same score ” Yang Mei, autumn cent is early, medium, evening, colour and lustre is black, red, violet, white, acid is sweet goluptious, use help advance somebody's career without social effects of pollution technology, red bayberry nature is chosen if really, content of fructification ascorbic acid is high, have disappear heat to promote the secretion of saliva or body fluid, diuresis be good at lienal, satisfy one's thirst relieves a cough, stomachic, promote digest wait for Medical Protection action, old little all like greatly.

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