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Zhejiang province faces Qing Dynasty of village of sea city upper reaches peak a

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Overlook Haitian point Zhejiang is mid and coastal, manufacturing arbutus has advantaged natural requirement, red bayberry natural resources is very substantial, advocate grow breed to have Dong Kui, overlook the lake early big plum, water chest nut is planted, Shui Mei. And help advance somebody's career the history is long, take the place of early to help advance somebody's career with respect to be current in the Song Dynasty. 11 屇 3 in after plenary meeting, development of the arbutus that overlook the lake is more swift and violent, already became the important economy source of our city a mountainous area farmer. The red bayberry area that at present chief gives priority to to the south of whole town more than mus 80 thousand, area of put into production 32 thousand mus, produce per year a quantity more than tons 30 thousand, become the Yang Mei with complete the biggest province to produce one of base counties.
Main plant is in the Yang Mei that overlook the lake be far from village, air the pure and fresh, hill sloping field that did not pollute, and according to standardization the technology undertakes help advance somebody's career, reason place produces fresh fruit fruit big, juice is much, xian Li of colour and lustre, gust is sterling, character is excellent, have beauty of natural green food praise. 2002, early Dameirong wins medal of dream of upriver card Dong Kui, garden Zhejiang visits fair of agriculture of international of Zhejiang of red bayberry high-quality goods, China the title such as silver-colored award, upriver card arbutus is awarded Zhejiang to omit green produce name, upper reaches base of 2000 mus of arbutus is maintained to be Zhejiang province not to have base of produce of social effects of pollution, bai Shuiyang town is judged to be the countryside ” of “ Zhejiang arbutus.
The village of upper reaches of countryside —— Bai Shuiyang that cooperation of industry of fruit of clear peak of the city that overlook the lake is located in Zhejiang to save Yang Mei, held water in September 2002, it is the basics that in this city —— of center of development of first fruit estate overlooks industry of sea city baronial fruit to develop a center go up, in order to cultivate, large family of purchase and sale is established for main body and become, cooperation becomes a shareholder of one's own accord by 203 commune members composition faces cooperation of industry of fruit of sea city clear peak, register fund 308 thousand yuan, have registered trade mark of ” of “ Qing Feng, build a Xian Guo handles field and an icebox.
This company is dominant industry with Yang Mei, orange, have red bayberry base many mus 5000 (among them green food base 2000 mus) , orange base many mus 1000.
This company has professional technology personnel 25 people, undertake to the commune member the technology grooms all the year round, the commune member's fruiter fertilizes, gush medicine all is registered in book, execute standardization to produce pattern in the round, the product accords with “ green ” , “ not to have requirement of ” of social effects of pollution. Arbutus of card of ” of “ clear peak obtained “ Zhejiang to omit name of ” of high grade award of arbutus of 10 big high-quality goods 2003, develop a center to detect via Chinese green food, multinomial index all amounts to primary standard, use symbol of ” of food of Chinese “ green permissibly, classics Ministry of Agriculture pledges in the product measure safe center attestation, allow use “ indicates without ” of produce of social effects of pollution and ” of produce of green of Zhejiang province “ indicates. Product classics vacuum, low temperature lasts pack, sell past home each are big, medium and other places of Wo Erma supermarket of city and Singapore, Hong Kong. Sale amount amounted to many yuan 500 2005, implementation net profit many yuan 48.
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