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Base of 50 thousand mus of arbutus builds a project

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Project general situation:
One, project unit: Beat clang Qi faithful paddy
2, project general situation: Juan fertilizer and extensive casts celestial being Pai is bungled say solemn lie  calls  of ǎ of  of wail of stitch the sole to the upper of two K  Bi Piao of  of Xu of forge of  of  of  of Yu of some moisture in the soil Ya breaks through  of  of   Xiu?7 of  of admonish of Gou bluff  is planted the calcium in mine qualitative element.
My county has Yang Mei to grow very advantageous condition. Be located in E Xina semi-tropical area, xia Mo intense heat of summer, the winter does not have severe cold, warm and wet, of appropriate Yu Yangmei grow. The yellow earth that soil basically becomes for sandiness shale development and yellow brown earth, earthy layer is deep, quality of a material is loose, grow with Yang Mei the physiology of development asks to comparative be identical. Entire county has the land natural resources that appropriate Yang Mei grows to amount to many mus 30, only 3 introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad countryside have many mus 70 thousand. The Gu Yangmei that has 100 years of above plants 33 trunk of a tree, red bayberry area more than mus 4000, crop is controlled 100 thousand kilograms, its resource and crop all are complete province the first.
3, construction and investment dimensions: Juan of  Yan formic deficient peddles establish cangue swollen spring imprison of ⒏ of  of  of dumpling of worth of season of coerce of  of  of a surname of ㄉ of earnestly of  of lane of Juan of  of Xi of  of exuviate   sticks Mie of ⒋ of Sha of idle ⑾ crack to embrace? villages and towns, 16 works group, 61 villages, in all 50 thousand mus, the project is built period come from 2002 2006.
Build base of 50 thousand mus of arbutus to predict 23 million yuan to need capital, build base of 50 thousand mus of arbutus to need 12.5 million yuan among them, soil preparation charge needs 5 million yuan, base fertilizer capital 5 million yuan, the technology grooms reach other charge to need 500 thousand yuan.
4, benefit forecasts: Juan Fen weed lie of Peng of  of  of Qiong of Cheng of fat of Yun few late hopes accept of act of  word astounded today calamity of tip of さ Xin ability is planted Gan Che of bing4 ru4 gao1huang1 of brandish of every of Juan of few of Bo  ⒄ pushs  of  of  of stand upright of  of neptunium of Chi of rice of Lu   to kill the neck circles Lu, general mu income is in 3000, 4000 yuan or so, if carry treatment rise in value, its benefit is more considerable.
1, seek an other place enterprise or business unit and individual come my county invests development
2, management means: Company base farmer is managed jointly.
5: Contact means
Contact: Zhang Guoqing
Phone: 0718 -- 6282775

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