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Position:Base myricetin

Sightseeing of 3000 mus of zoology is high grade Yang Mei sets an example base

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This radical position borders at countryside of crane town, benevolence palace region, the Beijing Ao village with crane town, white riverside village, to disembark village of Sun Qian of village, south bank village, lakefront village and benevolence palace countryside is a center, construction connects a high grade Yang Mei to set an example centrally base 3000 mus, existing arbutus area 1400 mus, chief, water chest nut is planted to the south of, 3 breed give priority to plum of boat hill late rice grow variety, among them 2001 area of put into production 250 mus, fresh fruit crop 150 tons, production value 2.4 million yuan. The program builds 1600 mus, make base gross area amounts to 3000 mus. This base is proximate town of crane of center of my county politics, economy, culture, population is concentrated, economy is active, north faces me to save the 2nd great river to shed Ou river, rely on 330 nations line closely, jing Qing highway, station of green cropland of golden lukewarm railroad and the Jinliwen that already planned freeway, 330 Guo Daoli green multiple track. Two villages arbutus produces Ao of the Sun Qian inside base limits, Beijing to already took shape, obtained taller economic benefits, already had in beautiful water city know higher the name is spent, develop and advance process of industrialization of entire county arbutus what base builds circumjacent to promoting area arbutus to will have positive effect.

Provenance: Bureau of green cropland agriculture

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