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Demonstrative area of Dong Kuiyang plum builds Huang Yan

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Yellow cliff area is located in a mountainous area half a mountainous area, forest land face accumulates 1.033 million mus, be one " 7 hill one water 2 minutes of cropland " typical and a mountainous area county, dong Kuiyang Mei Jiu enjoys great reputation, red bayberry production has important place in rural economics of my area agriculture. Begin from 2001, my area according to the requirement in the province, from the society development and forestry modernization ask to set out, hold to zoology benefit and economic benefits two tactics to catch, Expand base of red bayberry characteristic actively, advance Yang Mei to produce from the quantity enlarge those who pledge to increase change, production of red bayberry base managed a level to have very big rise, effectively promoted rural economics develop. Come 3 years, the red bayberry scale of production of my area amounts to 55 thousand mus, produce per year a quantity 30 thousand tons, production value 150 million yuan, make my area rural area's new economy point of growth. Chief arbutus is judged to be countrywide farming rich early or late east product of famous brand of province of meeting gold prize, Zhejiang, Zhejiang saves Nongbohui produce of green of province of gold prize product, Zhejiang, Zhejiang saves arbutus of 10 big high-quality goods, was maintained to be Zhejiang to omit first silvan provision 2003, my area also was obtained " the countryside of Chinese arbutus " title. Summary comes 3 this years red bayberry base produces experience, we are main the practice is:
One, main way
1, executive base turns production, stimulative Yang Mei produces modernization
Before 2001, the red bayberry scale of production of my area is minor and medicinal powder, every family is battle severally, devoid program, the manufacturing technology of red bayberry is coarse, admirable breed is had rate is not high, crop and quality are very not good also. 2001, we produce modern requirement to set out from forestry, dig characteristic resource advantage adequately, advance base actively to turn production. Arrive to come at present, my area already built with estuarine Bai Long Ao, south Zun Renxin village is bridge of city medicine hill, courtyard provincial Dongkui arbutus of the center sets an example base, build an area 15 thousand mus. Pass the guiding of base and radiate, changed the producer style of farmer tradition, what stimulative Yang Mei produces is modern. (1) admirable breed rate rises: Come nearly 3 years, arbutus of Dongkui of whole area new development many mus 25 thousand, receive high change plant many mus 16 thousand, thoroughbred enclothe rate from 3 years before 65% 95% what rise to now. Base of arbutus of city medicine hill obtains first Zhejiang to save silvan food to produce base south, ao of estuarine white dragon, south Zhejiang farming rich met the Dong Kuiyang Mei Huo such as hole of left Ao of bridge of city medicine hill, courtyard 2002 gold prize. (2) economic benefits rises apparently: According to 2003 statistic, the red bayberry specific yield that base produces increases 20-30% than circumjacent place, rate of high grade fruit rises 20% the left and right sides, the price rises 3-5 yuan / jin mu, every mus increase income 1000-1500 yuan. (3) form big market big current: It is the professional market that forms a standard, business area of market of yellow cliff fruit is large, form a complete set is carried out all ready, busy season is sold in fruit, department of industrial and commercial, prices, metric, finance adds office point technically in the market, offer transfer accounts, delimit all sorts of bill such as paragraph, collect and business of monetary settle accounts, utmost is convenient manage door. 2 it is base villages and towns produce an area to build market of short-term producing area centrally in Yang Mei, appear on the market to Yang Mei seasonal, south a few base meet bridge of city, estuarine, courtyard, level field name of admire of a lot of travelling merchant comes round to buy, red bayberry demands exceeds supply.
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