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Jump dragon street base of 10 thousand mus of arbutus takes shape

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Before paragraph time, jump dragon street the village such as Bai Longtan of next garden, equestrian mother-in-law garden, careless lake, dispatch everyday the hill on hundreds villager is planted Yang Mei. Introduce according to chief of division of street agriculture economy, since this year, this are street 30 many villages develop red bayberry base, accumulative total grows an area more than mus 2500. So far, jump dragon area of base of plum of street development new Laoyang already amounted to more than mus 10 thousand.
It is reported, jump dragon area of street and existing mountain forest 110 thousand mus, major mountain forest is located in low hill gentle slope, traffic is convenient, it is the good place that grows the economic crop such as fruit arbutus. And this Bai Jiao austral street city piece, Xin Ling new residential quarter piece arbutus of 20 much village crops the history long, the area amounts to many mus 5000, among them white Jiao Yang Mei big smell is sweet, famed far and near. In recent years, as this street development lies fallow of sightseeing agriculture arisen, one batch contracts the owner of barren mountain, cultivate the fruit such as Yang Mei on the barren mountain that reclaim in succession, already took shape now, only the 36 Kong Yi belts austral the brook contract owner develops red bayberry base more than mus 1000, majority can blossom and bear fruit, appear on the market sell. Meanwhile, this are street the villager of 40 many villages also remains mountain oneself in oneself, cultivate the breed arbutus such as Ci Xi, Dong Kui in succession, the area amounts to many mus 2000, the way corp is growing is good, the Yang Mei that tree of on 1000 mus of arbutus goes up to be able to see colour yellow is beautiful.
Cultivate an administrative technique level to raise Yang Mei, recently, jump dragon street organization more than 50 Yang Mei cultivates large family, hold new-style farmer technology to groom, agronomist of bureau of aricultural of county of serious listen respectfully is wonderful lecture. It is reported, this are street this year will go up to area under administration group by group in installment 1000 Yang Mei cultivate large family, begin a technology to groom, raise Yang Mei to cultivate administrative technique level.
Origin: Ning Haixin hears a net

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