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Zhushan arbutus: Advance forestry actively to standardize construction

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In recent years, development of Zhu Shanyang plum is rapid, occupy the 80 % above of net income of whole village average per capita. Pass open " red bayberry section " , not only start shooting brand, and increased benefit. To promote Zhu Shanyang the plum develops better, current, forestry of red bayberry base standardizes construction to be being advanced actively about the job.
Arbutus of Zhu Shan village helps advance somebody's career in my county the history is long. Cultivate an area to amount to 3500 mus, produce per year Yang Mei nearly 3000 tons, become area of north of short for Zhejiang Province the crude place of production of high grade Yang Mei. Standardize construction to begin forestry of red bayberry base actively, ensure Yang Mei's character, from last year the end of the year begins, small piece of land surrounded by water village begins to begin to declare the job, invite farming do personnel to help material of technical regulations for production of work out arbutus, print and distribute, constituent technology personnel undertakes to farmer knowledge grooms concerned; The manufacturing level that unites certainly, production runs means, organic fertilizer, brand, sale price, implement concerned produce standard strictly, ensure each production segment accords with quality requirement. Requirement farmer builds manufacturing filing system, before Yang Mei appears on the market, send sample to concerned branch to undertake quality detects; In the meantime, the concerned expert that invites the unit such as courtyard of province farming division comes the village, begin a technology to groom, begin scientific pruning, clip, gush to use the agent that decrease a flower, flower thinning agent, change method of application, put an end to employ inorganic chemical fertilizer, use fertilizer of cultivate of food cake, person to wait.
To promote Yang Mei's character and benefit, association of technology of major of Zhu Shanyang plum produces oneself effect adequately, do good antenatal actively for Mei Nong, produce whole journey of medium, postpartum to serve, had the bridge that rural economics develops and bond effect truly.

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