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Feng Ping plans to build red bayberry village

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Arbutus of phoenix level ground is having long history. In agricultural industry structure strategical in adjusting a process, crane the city zone appoint, district government is accumulated according to face of Feng Ping country wide actual, pass the market to prove, regard village of red bayberry major as to develop this village certainly. Branch of area agriculture science and technology strengthened instructor and service, often organize " expert " people enter into the village door explain a technology, open item on display to change, invited 4 at the same time " self-taught expert " , arrive from red bayberry grow management, all-around dog service. Current, this village already developed red bayberry base 3000 mus, will pass the 3 effort that come 4 years, develop Yang Mei 10 thousand mus, make this village makes a magic figures drawn by Taoist priests to invoke or expel spirits and bring good or ill fortune actually " red bayberry village " .

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